Artists’ Statement

artists' statement


WE ARE DELIGHTED TO ENTER INTO THE THIRD AND YELLOW YEAR of our seven-year Love Art Laboratory project with a big fat queer wedding in beautiful Calgary, Canada. We'll be getting legally married for the very first time. We are told that while Calgary has gay marriage rights, there are still a lot of people against gay marriage and who want to abolish it. So we will make our wedding into a public relations fest and a unique performance art event to celebrate our queerness and generate more love for each other and with the Calgary community.

OUR THEMES THIS YEAR WILL BE COURAGE AND POWER, and we are looking forward to exploring them whole-heartedly. We'll wear gold wedding attire, with a Samurai, Mad Max, super hero theme created by artist Victoria May, complete with deer antler crowns, veils and football pads. We will also wear shit kicker gold platform boots. Move over Wonder Woman, here comes Beth and Annie.

WE ARE MORE IN LOVE THAN EVER AND THRILLED TO COMMIT yet again to each other, and are continually looking for additional creative ways to help make the world a more peaceful, safe, and egalitarian place.

ONE YELLOW RABBIT, a well-established arts organization in Calgary, is having the twentieth anniversary of their High Performance Rodeo. Our first two weddings were small private affairs with our closest friends. This time our wedding and reception Will be open to the public as part of the Rodeo program. Anyone can attend. We will be collaborating with the Calgary community where our wedding will follow the form that we have established during our first two weddings. Essentially we ask our guests to collaborate with us in the co-creation of the wedding. This time, people from a different country, whom we have never met, will help us make a wedding by contributing their art, performances, energy and resources. We can hardly wait to see who will end up in our wedding. (See for more information.)

WE OF COURSE DON'T KNOW YET how this yellow year will manifest. But we see taking more personal risks, doing some great political actions, and having the courage to go even deeper into our relationship. We hope to develop more powerful bodies, minds and spirits.

WE HOPE YOU WILL ENJOY OUR YELLOW WEDDING. If you can't make it, tune in online at our web site (

With courage, power, and lots of love,

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