Performance Karaoke Meets The Love Art Lab

Performance Karaoke Meets The Love Art Lab

Performance art living treasure, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, invited us to join him for some “performance karaoke” at SF Camerawork Gallery. How could we say no? We adore Guillermo, love his work, and it sounded like fun. We were to be part of his art project, “exploring the interface between performance and photography.” In October, 2008, Guillermo and photographer RJ Muna did a series of photo shoots involving audience members and “special guests” from the San Francisco community. Guillermo had a bunch of props, costumes, set pieces, and the members of his performance troop, Pocha Nostra, at hand to pose/perform with us. Nothing was scripted, it simply unfolded.

As Guillermo had recently been our High Aztec Priest at our Green Wedding, we decided to explore the wedding themes a little further. We brought along our wedding costumes and scribbled “Just married” on our behinds, then exhibited some honeymoon activity. Loud music played, tequila flowed, inhibitions melted, and a good, productive time was had by all.

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Photos by RJ Muna.

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