Red Wedding Homily

Red Wedding Homily

On Security and Love

For Annie & Beth by Geoffrey Hendricks*

Homily for their Red Wedding Saturday, December 18, 2004

In this “Brave New World” where so called Homeland Security is trying to rule the country through instilling fear and insecurity among the population; where claims of bringing peace and democracy are pretexts for starting wars, imposing fascism and setting up puppet governments; where a senator who will remain nameless says that the greatest threat to our security today is gay marriage; it is interesting to reflect on what security really is.

The dictionary states that the word “secure” derives from the Latin securus (safe, secure) which is from se (without) and cura (care), and it says more at IDIOT (akin to sed, se (without) sui (of oneself) and CURE cura (to cure the soul from care). With out care. Care free. Spiritual charge: care.Other words connected to “secure” are: trustworthy, dependable, assured, certain, to make fast, hold fast. Lasting possession or control of, to bring about (effect), to tie up. Berth, (the ship in the harbor).

Annie, Beth, your ship is in the harbor. What we are gathered here for is to reflect on the security that comes through love. It is about a fearless movement through life that is born from the love and trust that emerges from your union. The 19th century mystic Gurdjieff speaks of the energy of the “Third Force.” For example, when water meets a dam, electricity is generated. You, Beth and Annie, have come together and are generating a third force greater than the two parts. This is the nature of the security that emerges from love.


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