Yellow Wedding Vows

Yellow Wedding Vows by Nomi Whalen

NOW THERE IS NO RAIN, FOR EACH OF YOU WILL BE SHELTER FOR THE OTHER. NOW THERE IS NO COLD, FOR EACH OF YOU WILL BE WARMTH FOR THE OTHER. NOW, THERE IS NO LONELINESS, FOR EACH OF YOU WILL BE COMPANION TO THE OTHER. NOW, YOU ARE TWO PEOPLE BUT, WITH ONE PATH BEFORE YOU. GO NOW TO YOUR DWELLING TO ENTER INTO THE DAYS OF YOUR LIVES TOGETHER AND, MAY YOUR DAYS BE GOOD, AND LONG, UPON THE EARTH. (From an Apache ceremony) I choose you to be my life partner. To live with you and laugh with you. To stand by your side And share in our home To be joyful with you. (Even when we grow old!) To bring out the best in you. And, for you, to be the most that I can. Therefore, I give myself to you now. To hold you always in my heart. To be blessed by the gift of your love... For all the days of my life. With this ring, I promise, and give to you, The truth, my trust, my support and my love. And, as this ring is round and has no end, so will my love have no end!

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