Dirty Sexecology – 25 Ways To Make Love To The Earth

Dirty Sexecology - 25 Ways To Make Love To The Earth

We presented our performance piece, Dirty Sexecology, for the first time in Berne, Switzerland. This work explores our relationship with the earth as our lover. Beth sang a song about mountain top removal strip mining, while Annie is exchanging energy with the earth; we do a ballet strip tease earth dance; literally get down and dirty with potted plants and then have ourselves buried while reciting our green wedding vows to the earth. The work is autobiographical and political. We hope to show how sexy the earth really is and how we artists must start trying to save her. This two woman show is directed by Patty Gallagher.

25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth

1. Tell the Earth, “I love you. I can’t live without you.”
2. At first you may feel embarrassed to be lovers with the Earth. Let it go. It’s OK.
3. Spend time with her.
4. Ask her what she likes, wants, and needs-- then try to give it to her.
5. Massage the Earth with your feet. 6. Admire her views often.
7. Circulate erotic energy with her.
8. Smell her.
9. Taste her.
10. Touch all her all over.
11. Hug and stroke her trees.
12. Talk dirty to her plants.
13. Swim naked in her waters.
14. Lay on top of her, or let her get on top of you.
15. Do a nude dance for her.
16. Sing to her.
17. Kiss and lick her.
18. Bury parts of your body deep inside her soil.
19. Plant your seeds in her.
20. Love her unconditionally even when she’s angry or cruel.
21. Keep her clean. Please recycle.
22. Work for peace. Bombs hurt.
23. If you see her being abused, raped, exploited, protect her as best you can.
24. Protect her mountains. Stop mountaintop removal mining.
25. Vow to love, honor and cherish the Earth until death brings you closer together forever.

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