End of Year Summary

End of Year Summary

A 15-minute stream-of-consciousness writing by Elizabeth Stephens

Year of love. Compassion was hard to come by at times. At other times it flowed like honey on the comb. This has been my favorite year so far. Lush and natural, in nature, love of nature. Sexecology was the perfect way to end the year. Being buried in the earth, in the dirt. Getting dirtier and dirtier. Formulating the Mountain Top Removal project. Trying to save the green, green mountains. The beautiful green mountains that are being blown away so that we can have our electronic toys, our mountain killing toys. Meeting the people who are living in the mountains. Risking their lives to save the mountains. This year seemed to come easy, the work came easily. Lots of love, lots of fun. Green is my favorite color, the color of my eyes. Especially when I am near green. The heart, compassion and love. Environmentalism. The formulation of the graduate program. It is coming along. Working with the Harrisons has been wonderful. Amazing minds and amazing art. I can’t say I feel that way about so many. The Interventionist Festival was wonderful. Interrupt!! Intervene!! Rethinking Art as Social Practice. This event brought together a gathering of powerful artists trying to change the world. If our program could be activated and actually help artists to learn to do this then I would get some satisfaction at my job. Hopefully the future will be more interesting than the past. This chakra does make me feel hopeful. As if there is a huge green world to explore. Mother earth to marry to take as a lover and to be taken as fertilizer. It all goes round. I wish Diane were here. She would have enjoyed this eclectic journey. Green. I wonder why it is also the color of jealousy. I seem to be getting over that in some small ways. Perhaps being in the green year has made that possible. That would be a relief. We also made the worst piece of our work together. It is so bad it is almost somehow good. Hilarious. This is the year that is going to launch this project. I’m not certain what that means but I can feel in in my bones. The green weddings. Santa Cruz could not have been better. Beautiful ritual, beautiful collaboration. Love fest extraordianary. New friends. Zagreb. Different culture. Had to catch up a bit. It’s good to have to catch up everyone should have to. Green means go signifies growth, the color of money. This is the year that all the money disappeared. As bad as it might get it may be a good thing to have to reassess global capitalism. Reassess and grow. Grow into blue.

A 15-minute stream-of-consciousness writing by Annie Sprinkle

Ahhhh, green. How I love you, how I love you… Wish I could stay with, and in you, forever. But I’m off and running to dive into the blue deep throat. I’m told there are more shades of green than any other color. I think its true. Feel like we saw and experienced many shades. Each morning looking out from our Boulder Creek windows at the mountains full of redwood trees was so fitting. Doing green year in green environment. It was indeed a year of love and compassion. Green is delicious, ecstatic and I am fulfilled by the love of green. And love of Beth, with whom I had many green adventures in embrace and dance of compassion. Marrying the Earth, with fabulous Guillermo Gómez-Peña as our High Aztec Priest—was the climax highlight of the year. Our big fat Green wedding big fat love fest all around. After vows we definitely felt more connected and bonded with our generous Earth lover, and continue to carry on this three-way relationship with her. Fecund. Fecund. Dirty, earthy, wet green grass, mushrooms growing in moss. Scent of pine. My nipples squirt green love. Wow, a mature relationship with my baby Beth. She’s so good to me, and I feel more loved than ever. It was a happy year. Travels across green globe, people all so kind and generous. We entered the environmental movement with glee, and it feels so right. It’s time. Maybe I’m becoming a green witch at last. Less of a red witch. Sexuality moves up to heart; red libido low, green libido high. Our doggy Bob’s love so pleasurable too. He is shiny, silky from flax seed oil in his food. Handsome and buff--a love sponge that drips back on me. Earth is great. Earth is good. Good-bye green. Fare well green. Hello Earth, blue sea, blue sky. Hello deep throat. This Love Art Lab project is feeling like a fairy tale. Green frogs. Thank you GREEN.

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