Artists’ Statement

Artists' Statement


WE DID IT! On December 18th, 2004 at our Red Wedding #1 in NYC, we vowed to explore love through art for seven years. This commitment, the 'Love Art Laboratory,' will come to an end this December 18th, 2011. We also made a vow to have a wedding every year for seven years, because we were forbidden to get legally married, a war that we were against had begun, and we believed that art that generated love could help change the world. Well, we had had fourteen fabulous weddings; we married our community, got legally married in Canada as part of a theater festival, married the Earth, Sky, Sea, Moon, Appalachian Mountains, rocks, and coal. We did this in six different countries and close to three thousand people participated. It was a glorious, really fun experience. We created spaces for our communities to celebrate our love for each other and the Earth. The outpouring of generosity was phenomenal.

WE MADE OUR PROJECT SEVEN YEARS LONG WHEN PERFORMANCE ARTIST LINDA MONTANO INVITED US TO USE THE ART/LIFE STRUCTURE SHE CREATED FOR HER 14 YEARS OF LIVING ART. Each year was devoted to the theme and color of a chakra. Linda's guidelines made for a magical experience.

WHEN, IN OUR GREEN YEAR, WE MARRIED THE EARTH, OUR LIVES TOOK A RADICAL TURN. We became ecosexuals, and took the Earth as our lover! We found ourselves wanting to help stop environmental destruction. We now see this as our life's work--doing ecosex art, theory, practice and activism. We aim to make the environmental movement a little more sexy, fun and diverse to entice others to love the Earth more too. Next year we will launch a new web site,, and dedicate ourselves to building the ecosex movement.

THROUGH THE PROCESS OF DOING THE LOVE ART LAB, WE HOPED WE WOULD LEARN MORE ABOUT LOVE...BUT IT'S STILL A BIG MYSTERY. However, what we do know, is that our love for each other, for you, for animals, all living things, and for our whole planet has grown and continues to grow each and every day to Universal proportions. It feels really great and it fuels our desire to make the world a more love filled place.

WE WILL END THIS BLESSED CHAPTER OF OUR LIVES WITH A CLOSING CEREMONY IN OUR HOMETOWN OF SAN FRANCISCO. What is ending in your life? We'll make it official, together. Endings can be great. Then, as the new day dawns, we will marry the Sun, in holy and irreverent matrimony. We would all die without the Sun. Lets appreciate all his blessings, and vow to love him until death as does on part. To consummate the marriage, we'll do something very dirty--we'll pleasure the planetary clitoris together, with our feet, hands, tongues, and bodies. Fifteen weddings and a petite mort. Sun, Sun, Sun, here we come!


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