Zen For Head In Blue

Zen For Head In Blue

We loved being in the green year so much that when it came time to go on to our blue year we were having trouble making the change. So when our friend Penny Slinger was planning a big event as a benefit for her Goddess Temple called Shockra!, we chose to use the opportunity to get our heads wrapped around BLUE. She was also presenting the world premiere of her amazing new film, Rainbow Body Awakening which she co-created with her talented lover Dhiren Dasu, and we wanted to be supportive of their great work. Chakra artists unite!

We needed some blue costumes made. So we called artist Sarah Stolar, who was not only willing to make our costumes, but to assist us in our performance as well. We decided to re-stage a Fluxus piece called Zen For Head, originally created by La Monte Young. At a big club in San Francisco, we dunked our heads in big bowls of blue paint and painted a long line on a scroll of white paper about 25 feet long. We left the painting displayed for people to enjoy.

After the performance, we finally felt like we had finally entered the blue year and have had blue on the brain ever since.

Photos by Randal Alan Smith

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