End of Year Summary yellow

End of Year Summary

A 10-minute stream-of-consciousness writing by Elizabeth Stephens

Power /Courage. Honesty is the most critical aspect of this chakra. How is power used and to what greater good is it employed is critical. I ask myself these questions over and over again as this year progressed. Difficult situations occur and reoccur. The tide goes in the tide goes out. Our wedding in Calgary was a fun and beautiful event. We did the longest kiss our Marriage Commissioner had ever seen. She has married over 2000 couples so it must have been a long kiss indeed. So many people contributed and people that we didn’t know and who did not know us. It is empowering to see generosity in action in this manner. This is especially so in a world where usually the most visible acts are those involving greed and self serving. These are the signs of abuse of power and they are playing everywhere. Yellow was a bit of a challenge. Not my favorite color, I like to blend in a bit and yellow doesn’t blend. It is more about wearing a sign on your back. But that’s ok too. I suppose I’d rather have the sign and do something than really blend in. Or worse, sneak behind the backs of others to get the things done but don’t want others to know that they have the courage to do in the light of day. I suppose that this is the reason that yellow also signifies cowardice as well. In stepping up to the plate one does see how many cowards there are in one’s world. I wish them luck as they will never get anywhere in the long run. The year ended well for Annie and I. We are happy, healthy, productive and going into green.

A 10-minute stream-of-consciousness writing by Annie Sprinkle

Yellow is such a weird color. Urine, stop light wait, sun… Started the year with the most incredible golden glowing wedding in Calgary. Beautiful vows, with the longest nicest kiss ever. I love Beth and she loves me, oh how happy we will be. We are the recipients of so much love and art. Yummy and inspiring.

Time marches forward. Work, work, work. Bellies grow. Eating yummy things. Trip to London with kissing politics. Trip to France. We love to go hand in hand to spread the love throughout the nations. Beth does chair job with great courage. I have courage to be a housewife. Housewife is fun, but scary, because it doesn’t pay financially and makes me feel financially insecure. Suze Orman would not approve of my money ignorance. But Beth is great hubbie, bubbly hubblie, sweet and sassy hubbie. We traveled many miles to find home. I found it for some minutes, when we went to Berlin, and I taught Wings of Joy workshop with my guru Dieter. Became erotic tit hug guru. I went into ecstasy, compassion, and lines of people worshiped at my breasts. Beth got jelly. Separated for a day-- so painful to be pushed away. But we bounce back quickly. Our collaborations are joyous and organic. Golden.

My wardrobe is shrinking. Sex is relaxed. Food abundant. Houses everywhere are leaking water and energy and moving. We own too much stuff. Courage to let go of stuff.

I love belly. Beth’s belly, soft belly, lifing belly, fat belly, small belly. Grew an apron. We did belly well in yellow year. Happy Bob is our baby. Beaches nearby. Hot flashes, fun moments, hard work, memories very full. I love Beth, she loves me. We are co-dependant so good and love to work together so much. Glad yellow is over. I like green better. Courage and power were not my best accomplishments.

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