Extreme Kiss

Extreme Kiss


Extreme Kiss Installation, in the Digital Love exhibit at the M'ARS Centre of Contemporary Art in Moscow, Russia.

This project is one of our Kiss Works series. A grid of nine monitors play three different angles (close-up, head and shoulders, and overhead) of us kissing for the length of a one hour video tape. We are both bald.

Extreme Kiss Performance, San Francisco

We kiss very intensely and passionately in public space, at a gallery or museum opening, for three or four hours without stopping, and without going further than the kiss. People can watch us or not.

Seen here is a kiss performed on Thursday, May 19th, 2005 during the opening night of the art exhibit, Private vs. Public (curated by Tina Butcher) at Artists' Television Access Gallery in San Francisco.

Music By Andrew Mckenzie of Hafler Trio

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