Silver Wedding to the Rocks Photos

Silver Wedding to the Rocks Photos

In Barcelona we married the rocks.  To symbolize this union we bought a beautiful black rock sculpture that we named Mr. Rocco. We married the rocks because rocks are the sexy,  strong beings that structure the Earth. The Silver Wedding to the Rocks is where Fluxus, meets Punk, meets Post Porn, meets Love Art Lab.  We will be be continuing to add documentation and credits as we gather it and have time. Pedro Castro took the photos from row 4 down. In the meantime a big thanks to all of the wonderful documentary artists who collaborated with us. We would also like to thank all of the wonderful performers who performed for the wedding as well as the institutions who hosted us.  All of the collaborators were fabulous and we could not have had the wedding without you.  See the program for the full list of credits including photographers.


Silver Wedding To The Rocks Vows

Silver Wedding To The Rocks Vows

Silver wedding of the Rocks Photos

After the homily…

Note: The wedding guests were all asked to bring a rock to marry.

Officiant: We are ready to make the vows to the rocks with Annie and Beth!

Does anyone object to this union?  Speak now or forever hold your peace.

(Tech: take a microphone into the audience.)

Diana Pornoterrorista: I OBJECT! …. (Diana does a rant objecting on the grounds that we shouldn’t have to do what the state and museums want us to do. She then pulls out her “moon cup” from her vagina and pours her menstrual blood on the altar steps. Then gives her OK to proceed with the vows.)

O: Does anyone else object?

(No one does.)

O: Annie and Beth, are you ready to make your vows?

Annie and Beth: Yes.

O:  Please come forward.

A+B walk to front of stage and take three deep breaths while looking at the audience.


(Right hands on each other’s hearts.)

“I love you. Yo me amo.

You love me. Tú me amas.

(Pull on each other’s arms while leaning backwards.)

You are my rock. Tú eres mi piedra.”


(Circulating energy with the audience with our hands/arms.)

“We love you. Nosotras te amamos.

You are my rock. Tú eres mi piedra.”


(Holding Señor Roca between us.)

I love you. Yo me amo.

You love us. Tú me amas.

You are my rock. Tú eres mi piedra.


I love you. Yo me amo.

You love us. Tú me amas.

You are my rock. Tú eres mi roca piedra.


O: Beth, do you promise to love, honor and cherish the rocks for as long as you shall live?

Beth: Sí, prometo!

O: Annie, do you promise to love, honor and cherish the rocks as long as you shall live?

Annie: Sí, prometo!

O: (To audience): Do you promise to love, honor and breath in the rocks for as long as you shall live?

Audience: Sí, prometo!


O: To remind you of your vows each day you will have rings.

Ring bearer brings rings, and brides put on each other.

O: Please put your rings on each other.


O: I now pronounce you MARRIED TO THE ROCKS!!! Annie and Beth, you may now kiss Señor Roca.

O: You may now consummate the marriage with Señor Roca.

O: (To audience) You may now kiss your rocks.


MUSIC. Brides leave the stage first, then everyone else leaves the stage together and exits.

Silver Wedding To The Rocks Introduction & Homily

Silver Wedding To The Rocks Introduction & Homily

By Helen Lafloresta

Performed by Eco-monja Zorra Supreme (aka Helen Lafloresta) with Spanish translation performed by Marikarmen Free Obispa



Monsters and bitches, cyborgs and minors, dreadful and fearsome, hated and loved, welcome to the eleventh ecosex wedding of Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens, the bond between them, and between everybody here and the rocks, the very material of the Earth. 

We have the honor of having Annie and Beth celebrating here in Barcelona one of their last weddings, which corresponds with Sahasrara, the crown chakra.

They are the honorable brides today but everybody who wants it can be a bride too, so we invite you to celebrate your love to the Earth, to the rocks, to animals, humans, cyborgs, laptops, raindrops, cockroaches, tongues and everything and everybody you considered to deserve love. 

We are gathered here to love each other, to do art and to have sex, so let’s start!



Putas y monstruos, extras y ciborgs, esperpentos y temibles, amados y odiados, bienvenidas y bienvenidos a la boda ecosexual número once de Annie Sprinkle y Beth Stephens, la unión entre ellas, y entre quienes estamos aquí y las rocas, el material del que está hecho la Tierra

Tenemos el honor de tener hoy aquí en Barcelona a Annie y Beth celebrando una de sus últimas bodas, dedicada al séptimo chacra, Sahasrara, el chacra de la coronilla. 

Ellas son hoy las novias pero quien quiera puede ser novia también, así que os invitamos a todas a celebrar vuestro amor a la tierra, a las rocas, los animales, humanos, ciborgs, portátiles, lenguas, cucarachas y todo aquello que consideréis digno de ser amado.  

Nos hemos reunido hoy aquí para amarnos, para hacer arte y tener sexo, así que ¡¡¡empecemos!!!



This community has recently been shocked by the lost of one of our dearest friends. Some of us have lost faith in humanity. It's difficult to accept the helplessness, the unconcern of humans for injustice. 

So we feel very grateful to Beth and Annie for the opportunity of gathering us together in this act of deep love, the love you have for each other and for everything that make us be alive. Because love is one of the only reasons that makes us be here together. And for love we mean companionship, reunion, making the way together, sharing our bread and our fluids, respecting and sexing, sexing up everything we touch. 

This wedding is devoted to the seventh chakra, Sahasrara, The Crown Chakra, which is the chakra of union and bliss, of bonding together and ecstasy. 

Sahasrara means a thousand lotus, because it is located on our brain before, on the limbic area, where, apart from our princess crowns, we have a thousand nerves. 

That's why Sahasrara is the chakra of pure consciousness, of the connection and unity of what has been taken apart: action and thought, mind and body, women and men, female and male. 

That is why Sahasrara is related to wisdom and union, because it integrates all the other chakras, meaning a new kind of perception: that which does not separate, but make us feel one with the universe. 

A way of activating this chakra is through orgasms: they can truly help us to feel boundless in ourselves and one with all. 

We are also here today to marry the rocks. Rocks are memory, the memory of the Earth; the whole Earth is made of rocks. Rocks are a symbol for the everlasting that never stops changing, becoming, resisting, protecting, giving and receiving. Changing shape, accepting what this-thing-called-Nature gives them, accepting storms as part of their being. But it takes thousands and millions of years for rocks to change. Rocks do not complain about it, they just become. 

I dare to say that the people gather here today live our lives as rocks do, in a way: errant lives, our memories as layers that come one over the other, constantly becoming, resisting, giving and receiving, and never stop changing.

Rocks are as well a metaphor for refuge, for what the Bible calls “salvation” and I call asylum. Asylum comes from the Greek, and means “what cannot be capture”.

So let us all marry the impossibility of being caught, 

Let us all marry the becoming, the metamorphoses, the transformation, 

Let us all marry change, memory and resistance, 

Let us all marry the rocks!!!



Hace muy poco de la pérdida de nuestra querida amiga Patricia Heras. Muchas de nosotras hemos perdido la confianza en la humanidad. Es difícil aceptar la impotencia, la indiferencia de los humanos por la injusticia. 

Por eso, agradecimos muchísimo a Annie y Beth la oportunidad que nos dan de reunirnos hoy aquí en este acto de amor, el amor que tienen entre y ellas y por todo aquello que nos hace vivir. Porque el amor es una de las pocas razones por las que estamos hoy aquí reunidas. Y por amor queremos decir compañía, reunión, hacer juntas el camino, compartir el pan y los fluidos, respetarnos y sexuar, sexuar todo lo que tocamos.  

Esta boda está dedicada al Sahasrara, el chacra de la unión y el éxtasis. Sahasrara significa mil pétalos de loto, porque está en la parte anterior del cerebro, en la zona límbica, donde además de la corona de princesa tenemos miles de nervios.  Por eso Sahasrara es el chacra de la conciencia pura, de la conexión de aquello que ha sido separado: acción y pensamiento, mente y cuerpo, hombres y mujeres, masculino y femenino.  Por eso Sahasrara está relacionado con la sabiduría y la unión, porque integra todos los chacras y significa otro modo de percibir: sintiéndonos Una con el universo entero.  Una manera de activar este chakra es a través de los orgasmos: pueden ser muy beneficiosos para separarnos de nuestro ser y unirnos al Universo. 

Estamos hoy también aquí para casarnos con las rocas. Las rocas son la memoria de la Tierra, toda ella hecha de rocas. Las rocas son el símbolo de la eternidad que nunca para de cambiar, devenir, resistir, proteger, dar y recibir. Cambiando de forma, aceptando todo lo que eso-llamado-Naturaleza le da, el sol y las tormentas, el viento y las olas. Pero una roca necesita miles de millones para cambiar. Ellas no se quejan, simplemente devienen. 

Me atrevo a decir que las personas reunidas hoy aquí vivimos de alguna manera como las rocas: vidas errantes, nuestras memorias como estratos superpuestos unos sobre otros, en constante devenir.  

Las rocas son también una metáfora del refugio, lo que la Biblia llama “salvación”, y yo llamo asilo. Asilo viene del griego y significa “aquello que no puede ser apresado”. 

Así que ¡casémonos con la imposibilidad de ser apresadas!

¡Casémonos con el devenir, con la metaformosis, con la transformación, 

con el cambio, la memoria y la resistencia, 

Casémonos todas con las rocas!